Same day, trusted service, guaranteed delivery


Our logistics and court infrastructure has the most extensive network of over the counter court runners in Nevada. On a daily basis, we have drivers on standby within Clark, Washoe, Carson City, Lyon, Churchill and Elko Counties which allows us to file documents within those 6 major county courthouses within 24 hours.

Filing preparation is based on venue requirements and customer business rules. We collate, staple two-hole punch, blue-back and attach all court-required forms.  All court submissions are verified with GPS coordinates along with clerk’s name who accepted the submission. 


  • Next Day Request $65.00

  • Same Day Request $75.00

  • Rush/Same Day Request (out of area) $150.00


  • Rush Delivery (under 2 hours).

  • Same-Day Delivery.

  • Dedicated Fleet.

  • Discounted Court only packages.

  • Same day service when morning requests are submitted by noon (to ensure the accuracy of our delivery, all requests are asked to be emailed or uploaded through our website).

  • Same day service coverage areas: Clark County, Washoe, Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Churchill Counties.

  • Being a member of the Reno/Carson Messenger Service family, interconnects you to the largest network of attorneys, courts, and state agencies in the state of Nevada.


  • For high volume clients located in the Reno, Carson City, Minden/Gardnerville & Las Vegas, a monthly retainer service Includes same day unlimited deliveries with a 3 mile radius of the local court houses within Clark, Washoe, Carson City and Douglas Counties.

  • Route service includes judges, prosecutors, auditors, government, insurance companies, and all downtown core area businesses.


For new members, the first month of our delivery and court services are offered for free.  We feel it is very important not to tell you want we can do, but work with your needs to help take the stress off your desk.  By quantitatively gathering your company's delivery and court requests for the free month, allows us to see where our services may help your offices efficiency the most.  

  • A subscription to our same day monthly service retainer (unlimited deliveries/court filings to Washoe, Carson City, Douglas).

  • Or same day, per piece package where every request is an individual invoice, leaving your office before Noon and completed by 5pm (Washoe, Carson city, Douglas counties).


We make deadlines, call us now at (775) 322–2424