Criminal, corporate and employment related matters


Need to locate defendants, witnesses, debtors Heirs? Or unable to locate a defendant and now have to move forward with publication. Our Affidavit of Due diligences are one of the most detailed statewide affidavits that suffices with every court within the state of Nevada.

If you only have limited information about the person you need to serve, we can help. Simply add one or more of the following services to your order. 




  • Standard Skip Tracing $90.00




  • Online research to gather all available information about a person’s whereabouts using a range of databases and sources.

  • An attempt to locate your subject within 5 days.

  • You will receive your diligence results and best known address for your subject by email.

  • If we are unable to locate your subject, you will receive a detailed affidavit of Due Diligence

  • We are not private investigators and only can receive requests to locate individuals in regards to a legal matter that has been filed with the court house.


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